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English Rose Kitchen
English Rose Kitchen
English Rose Kitchen
English Rose Kitchen

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Choose your perfect kitchen from our collection. We have three exceptional ranges, inspired and created by designers that let your dream come to life, Timeless, Shaker, Modern and Linear designs and ranges. Discover that unique blend of style, elegance and finishing, those touches which will give your kitchen a personal style, with traditional craftsmanship and design, blended with sleek clean lines, contemporary colourways which create a style that defies the years and delights the senses. Modern twists and ageless classics, a combination of form and function superbly finished to the highest of standards. Practical solutions with the very latest technology, sleek surfaces and sumptuous curves which define the visual language of our modern range of kitchens, contemporary classics that deserve serious consideration and those finishing touches that make all the difference

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 At English Rose they do more than just make beautiful kitchens, they create beautifully practical spaces that serve as the perfect focal point for the modern British home. The kitchen isnolonger just a room for cooking in, it's a multi-functional space that can be used and enjoyed by the whole family.

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Virtu Kitchens

Most of us know why our kitchen is so important to us and if we explain why, we find ourselves using words which flow more from the heart, rather than just describing how it funcitons.

Because describing why we lover our kithcen is more 'art' than 'articulation'. And the feeling we want when we are in that living space is more  'heart of the home' than just 'a room in the house'.

We know what we love and when we see it, whe know what's perfect for each of us. And when we know, we embrace it for more than just its form or function; we take it into our hearts and make it our own.

Our ktichens expresses part of who we are, and so we don't want to settle for something htat's just 'nice'... we want something that is inspired by stylists, yet made for me, for my kitchen.

Vitru expresses the ideas and aspirations that each of us hold dear.

Vitru gives you a palette for creating the kitchen you always wanted but were unsure where to begin.

Vitru captures the essence of style and creative potential in high quality furniture which is built to last.

Vitru brings the best of the world into your world, and enables you to dream of possibilities, than make them a reality.

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