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What would you give for your own space? Whether it's breakfast in bed or watching a black and white movie, peace and tranquillity or to just let your imagination drift, 

The Studio @ Palladium can design and realise your dream for you. If you're looking for minimalist glamour, a modern retreat or a clutter free sanctuary our team of designers can offer luxury, affordability and guarantee the bedroom of your dreams. Our team of designers can design a bedroom that says something about you, to unwind in elegance, an urban retreat or a room that's easy to live with. The Studio @ Palladium can help you make the most of the space you have and of course those finishing touches that personalise, that touch that says this is your space, your time and your bedroom. Now, what would you give for your own space?

Your idea of heaven? Embrace fitted bedrooms’ range from cutting edge to contemporary classics with sliding wardrobes, offer the perfect modern bedroom furniture finish. Choose our ingenious soft close storage system for fitted bedrooms or our  aluminium framing system for sliding wardrobes. With all these options you're sure to find something to suit you and your home. So we invite you to Embrace your bedroom. 

Embrace Bedrooms
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