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Kingsbridge Celebrates Christmas 2017
Saturday 2nd December 2017 saw the town come together for the Kingsbridge Celebrates Christmas Festival with stalls lining Fore Street. Stallholders from across Devon came to sell hot food and gifts, as well as a visit from Father Christmas and live entertainment there really was no better place to celebrate Kingsbridge and get into the Christmas spirit.

The Palladium Building Supplies stall had spot prize draws throughout the day, Sylvain and Karina did a wonderful job with our stall and also entered into the spirit of the season and the day.

Congratulations to all our lucky winners who entered our free prize draw.

Kingsbridge Celebrates Christmas 2017  Kingsbridge Celebrates Christmas 2017  Kingsbridge Celebrates Christmas 2017  Kingsbridge Celebrates Christmas 2017  Kingsbridge Celebrates Christmas 2017

December 2017
Pavestone Rally 2017
Pavestone Dover to Monte Carlo Rally 2017. Thank you all so very much for supporting us, sponsoring us and sendign us on our way with luck and your best wishes. As a team we managed to raise over £4,800 excl. gift aid through our branches in Kingsbirdge, Ivybrigde and Plymouth for The Rainy Day Trust and The Teenage Cancer Trust. 

We drove through a 7km tunne in Austria, realised the Swiss have 4G Internet access and radio reception in their tunnels, we stood at dawn in the cold mountain air in Liechenstein, and saw the vibrancy of Luxembourg City. We drove as a team, at times in tired silence, other times sining at the tops of our voices, in fancy dress, always keeping a sense of homour and perspective. We laughed at conversations and situations, when the taxi diver in Luxembourg asked Sylvain where in England he learnt French? - "Eh, I'm from Bordeaux", Keith "lead foot" Olver reversing into the same barrier twice, Nicky taking poor old Evie to 92mph (speed record), and me taking the racing line on any road I drove, deciding to run 400 meters after sitting in a car for 10 hours, dumping the bicycles in Verona and driving into Casino Square in Monaco, wine tasting at the Chateau and spending the day at a medieval walled village. But for us the hospitality from a French family, who welcomed us into their home and offered us sanctury for the night, allowed us to relax, fed and watered us then sent us safely on our way the next morning is the thing that will stay with us. So to the family Bordas for looking after us and showing us some French culture, merci!
September 2017
Pavestone Rally 2017
The team and vehicle carrying the hopes of Devon in this years' Pavestone Rally 2017 Dover to Monte Carlo. Evie (the Volvo) has been given a thorough once over, had a shake down, it's installation lap and passed with flying colours, but can't say the same for the team. Keith, Nick, Nicky and Sylvain are looking forward the challenge and still raising as much money as possible for The Teenage Cancer Trust and The Rainy Day Trust. Please give as much as you can on our Virgin Money Giving page. Europe look out, we're on our way!!!
September 2017
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